EBRD – European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, WSP, Birmingham, UK
ERBD Feasibility Study Kazakhstan Nationwide Tolling

Ministry for INFRASTRUCTURE and TRANSPORT Greece,Athens,Greece, Nationwide e-Toll and EETS Authority, Egnatia Odos A.E. Thessaloniki


Date Title Event Click for PDF Download
2019 Take a Toll, The Priorities ITS International Article Josef Czako Download
2019 So … were is tolling technologies taking us ITS International Article Josef Czako Download
20160808 Focusing on ITS Innovations for future mobility, the HERMES Study Interview with Josef Czako in ITS International
20160606 HERMES Study for The Ministry of Transport Finland in Helsinki Healthy, Safe and Ecological Road Transport, Mobility and Energy use for better Sustainability in Finland with ITS-Intelligent Transportation Systems
20160421 Datenschutz vs gesellschaftliche Interessen Vortrag Josef Czako Moving Forward Consulting FSV Seminar Puchberg
20160313 ITS Innovations – Success or Destruction? Article in ITS International
20151126 Future Innovations and Strategy Models for ITS Deployment in Europe and Lithuania 1st ITS Lithuania Annual Conference on 26.11.15 in Vilnius, Lithuania
20151005 Josef Czako’s new consultancy to contributes to ITS International ITS International Magazine
20151005 Press Release, Moving Forward Consulting, 05.10.2015 Foundation of New Consultancy Moving Forward Consulting Ltd.
20151005 Press Release, Stratum Traffic Engineering, Vienna, Austria, 05.10.2015 Stratum Vienna welcomes Josef Czako as new shareholder and expands its business towards Germany
20150930 Company Registration Moving Forward Consulting UG (Ltd.)
20150303 Statement by Josef Czako on Road Safety Asecap Road Safety Conference 2015, Vienna, Austria, on 03.03.2015, Asfinag Conference documentation „Road Safety and Mobility for the Future“
20141127 Sustainable Road Transport: Challenges. ITS Market and Applications. Financing. Transport Economics. Tolling, Charging, Mobility Pricing.
Lecture Josef Czako at Technical University in  Dortmund
Technical University Dortmund, Germany.
Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
20141028 ITS Delivers Sustainable Road Transport, Presentation by Josef Czako, IRF International Transport Academy
ITS Workshop in Almaty on 28.10.2014
20141024 „We have not enough ITS in our Transport System – climbing congestion and accidents, insufficient financing“ Interview Jason Barnes with  Josef Czako, Thinking Highways, 24.10.2014
20141020 „Mobility Pricing – a paradigm shift to improve safety, environment, and congestion“
Presentation by Josef Czako
2014 IBTTA Global  Summit:
Innovations & Technologies for Sustainable Mobility, Environment and Road Safety.
Prague, Czech Republic
20141017 New technologies in practice. Urban infrastructure development. Presentation by Josef Czako, Kapsch 2014 Almaty Investment Forum, Almaty, Kazachstan
20141009 „Kooperative Systeme als Strategiebausteine für nachhaltige Mobilität und Verkehrssicherheit“  (Cooperative Systems as Strategy Elements for sustainable Mobility and Road Safety);
Presentation by Josef Czako & Clemens Schober
ITS-CH Conference  in Fribourg, Switzerland, on 09.10.2014
20140822 „Innovatives Mobility Pricing:
Nachhaltige Strassenfinanzierung und intelligentes
Verkehrsmanagement statt Stau!“
(Innovative Mobility Pricing: Sustainable Financing of Roads and Intelligent Traffic Management instead of Congestion).
Abstract and Presentation by Josef Czako, Kapsch
Berner Verkehrstage 2014, Bern, Switzerland
20140514 „Deployment of ITS to meet the Challenges of Sustainable Mobility“
Speech by Josef Czako
2014 ExpoTraffic Conference, Moscow, Russian Federation, 14.-16.05.2014
20140421 „Innovative ITS Solutions for better road safety and sustainable mobility“ 6th ITS Congress, Moscow, Russian Federation
20130510 ITS innovation will benefit transport in the Middle East, Presentation and Interview by Josef Czako in World Highway Magazine IRF Regional Conference: North Africa & Mediterranean, held in Marrakech on 19-20 March, 2013
20130424 “Deployment of ITS – Meet the Challenges of Sustainable Mobility“
Presentation Josef Czako, IRF
ITS Bulgaria, Strategy Workshop on 24.3.13 in Sofia, Bulgaria
20130418 Interview with Josef Czako: „Innovaatioilla oikeudenmukaiseen ja älykkääseen liikenteeseen“(With innovations towards Fair and Intelligent Transport) Suomen Kuvalehti, Helsinki, 18.04.2013
20121106 „Addressing todays challenges faced by the road sector“
Lecture by Josef Czako
Technical University Tallinn, Estonia
20121023 IRF Vienna Manifesto on ITS Press Conference of International Road Federation, IRF, Geneva on 23.10.12 in Vienna at the 2012 ITS World Congress
20120523 „Doomsday or Paradise?“
Presentation by Josef Czako
2012 Norwegian Road Conference, Kristiansand, Norway, on 23.05.1012
20110516 interview-IRF-Policy-Committee-Chair-Josef-Czako in-Russia-LogLink-Magazine: Road Transport in Russia, GLONASS, ITS, Road Safety.