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Improve the Quality of Life with efficient, user-friendly, and sustainable Mobility and Transport.

Mobility is under transformation to become more sustainable, accessible, environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, and affordable.

Mobility is a Service to all users and needs to integrate all stakeholders and service providers from all modes of transport; those that already exist and new ones that are continuously evolving.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have an important role in this by innovation, digitalization, automation, integration, and as enablers.



Moving Forward Consulting offers services for public and private clients for many modes of transport.


ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems


Cities and Urban Traffic


Motorways, Highways


Public Transport (Rail, Bus, Metro)

Josef A. Czako

Doomsday or Paradise? Congestion and road accidents are estimated to cost national economies hundreds of billions. We need a paradigm shift to avoid congestion, help the environment, increase road safety, and ensure sustainable financing. This also improves the economy.”

Josef A. Czako / Founder and CEO